With any game, there are bound to be a few bugs and Ultimate Chicken Horse is no exception. This page serves as a collection of interesting bugs, no matter if they still exist or not.

Double Blocks

When two or more players try to place a block on the same spot at the same time, the game places both of these blocks in the same space. It works with every block, trap and moving object. If the
Double Block Bug
double block was placed in a space where honey is, both of the blocks in the double block will stick to it. (Last tested in the A-cobra-tic update)

Wall clipping

When the player is pushed between the level and a moving object, they're supposed to get killed, but sometimes they just get stuck.


Infinite death

This bug was rarely caused when a player was killed by a black hole. But other then that, not much is known about this strange glitch.


Ghost coin

When a player picked up a coin in a public match, it would rarely not register for all players. Player A would appear to be holding nothing for players B and C, but would still get points for the coin (provided they got to the flag). Players B and C couldn't collect the coin or place any objects on the space it occupied, until would be blown up by a bomb.


Confirmed to happen in version(s) 1.3.56

Rotating Wave

This rather funny glitch would happen randomly when honey was placed on the "The Pier" map. The wave would seemingly be attached to the rotating or moving object that the honey is on. This would cause the wave to move about the level in ways that seem impossible. Notice the upside-down wave in the picture below.

20170318120020 1
Rotating wave

          Confirmed to happen in version(s) 1.3.53, and 1.3.56

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