Description Edit

The Crumbling Block object comes in three different shapes: A basic 1x1 block, a 3x2 units big L shape and a Z shape of the same size. Similarly to the Magnet Platform, a Crumbling Block can be broken by a character jumping on it. However, it has to be damaged this way three times before it crumbles apart. Another special attribute of this object is that it can also be damaged by other impacts, including projectiles, Boxing Gloves and paper planes.

Once broken, a Crumbling Block will not reappear the next round like the Magnet Platform. Instead, it will be gone permanently. The amount of damage a block has taken also carries over to the next round.

The Crumbling Block is part of the Platforms category and is the only platform that can not be attached to moving parts with honey. Because of this it also has no determinable weight.

Notes Edit

  • This object was added in version 1.5
  • Barbed Wire attached to a Crumbling Block will fall down when the block is broken, killing any characters it touches in its path