The Crossbow belongs to the Shooty category of objects and has a weight of 1. It will fire deadly arrows in the direction it's facing. They don't have any bullet drop and they fly at a speed of roughly 10 blocks per second which is slower than a player's running speed. It has a size of 1x2 and it shoots one arrow every 1.2 seconds.

The arrows' trajectory can be altered by black holes and they can go through teleporters as well as spike balls.

A common quick arrow set up

Using black holes and teleporters, the speed of the arrows can be increased to around 40 blocks per second. Changing the location of the black holes and teleporters results in different projectile speeds. This can also be used to slow them down.


  • Killing someone with an arrow 100 times will unlock the "Archer" achievement
  • This is a trap object, meaning that it can award trap points to the player who places it
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