This object has a size of 1x1 and a weight of 1. It's unclear which category the coin belongs to. It is an object without a hitbox but it can be collected by touching it. Bringing a coin to the goal will award the player with extra points. Coin points are added even when all the players make it to the goal. As long as it is not collected, a coin will keep returning to it's original position after every round.


  • Even if a player's character touches a coin after already having reached the goal it will still be collected
  • Dying with a coin ten times will unlock the achievement "Droppin' Bills"
  • Collecting 50 coins will unlock the "Greedy McGreedster" achievement

Community Corner

If there is a difficult to get coin in the level, do you try to collect it? (In Party or Creative mode)

The poll was created at 14:20 on April 15, 2018, and so far 55 people voted.
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